FAQ and Troubleshooting

Viking Food Solutions is the authorised distributor of the DRY AGER® cabinet for Australia and New Zealand. You can find out more information on our exclusive website: www.dryager.com.au

How much meat can hang in the DX500 Cabinet?

When you remove the shelves of the dry ager and use it in a hanging configuration with the hanger bar the max height of the meat you will be able to hold is approx. 400mm. The actual clearance from the top of the hanger bar to the bottom is 550mm but you need to allow for a hanging hook.

How to defrost the Dry Ager manually?

  1. Take the meat out of the fridge

  2. Disconnect the power from the wall plug

  3. Open the door and place some towels inside to absorb any moisture

  4. Let the cabinet defrost for 48 hours with the door left open

  5. Plug in the cabinet, check the factory settings remain the same (humidity should be at 82% R.H. and temperature 1.5%)

  6. Wait for 1 hour or until the Dry Ager has reached the settled temperature and humidity

  7. Return the meat to the cabinet

Note: you will need to leave it to defrost for the full 48 hours and not just until the ice has cleared. There can be a big backlog of ice buildup behind the stainless steel wall which is not visible at first.

How do I replace the UV bulb in my Dry Ager?

  1. Remove the allen screw and remove cover forward.

  2. Remove the shroud from around the bulb.

  3. Discard of the old bulb and put the new one in its place.

  4. Return the cover and allen screw.

Can I put the shelves in the dishwasher?

No, you cannot wash the shelves of the Dry Ager cabinet in any type of dishwasher. You will need to wash these by hand. Failing to do so could cause peeling of the paint product on the shelves. Note: damaged shelves because of this will not be covered by warranty replacement.

Why is my Dry Ager displaying a "UVC" error code?

If your Dry Ager fridge is displaying a UVC error alert it indicates the UVC bulb and active carbon filter catridge has been reached its end of lifetime. You will need to replace the UVC Bulb in your cabinet. See how to replace my Dry Ager bulb for more instructions.

Which way does the door open on a Dry Ager?

As standard, all Dry Ager cabinets ship with the door handle on the left and the hinge on the right. If you need this changed to the opposite side - please communicate this to staff in advance of placing your order. If you already own a Dry Ager and need this changed contact our service team via email. Note extra charges for this change may apply.

How to install the Podium to the DX1000 Dry Ager

You will need 2-3 people to lift the DX1000 onto the podium. You will also need a shifter.

This diagram will help you attach the DX1000 podium to the bottom of your cabinet.‌

NOTE: It uses the two foot screws (shown in figure 1.) already shipped with the Dry Ager to be fitted underneath as pictured in figure 3.‌

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