Download a programming manual for your vacuum packer. Information here may change without warning, this should be used as a guide only.

How to set programs on your vacuum packer?

Most models have 1-9 program options to store preset cycles according to unique products you are packaging. This is helpful when packaging sausages (which usually need a short softer vacuum time) versus when you are packaging red meat which may need a longer cycle to obtain a longer shelf life.

Also use these programming guides to control the seal in the case where you machine has dual seal functionality.

Bench-top models:

To suit models: V100, V101, V110, V210, VMS43, VMS553, VMS133, VMS133L

To suit models: V220, V250, V295, VMS163, VMS163W, VMS153

Free-standing models:

To suit models: V323, V323A, V423, V423A, VMS223, VM203, VMS333

Swing-lid models:

To suit models: V520, V620, V695, V720, V820, V920, VM243, VMS263, VMS283, VMS273, VMS883, VMS503

Where can I find the vacuum packer model number? You can find model number and other relevant information on the machine name plate which is usually located on the back of the machine near the power inlet.

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