Getting Started Guide

A quick start guide to get familiar with your new vacuum packer. Also find all the necessary parts and service advice to keep your machine up and running.

1. What to check before you turn on the machine

Check what's in the box

Bench top models: most models will include 3 plastic boards, a power cable and an owners manual.

Three phase power

If your vacuum packer uses three phase power - there is a 50% possibility the plug has been wired the wrong way and is running in the wrong direction. To ensure the power is running in the right direction follow these steps:

  1. Plug in and turn on the machine

  2. Wait until you hear the vacuum pump has started

  3. Use your hand to hold the lid closed for 3 - 5 seconds

  4. Let go of the lid

  5. If the lid stays closed - you machine is running in the correct direction. If the lid opens when you let go - the power is running in the wrong direction.

If your power is running in the wrong direction - an electrician will need switch the direction of the plug. This is only a 5 minute job. Contact our technicians if you are unsure on: 1300 88 99 51


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Looking for a machinery manual?

All machines come with a hard copy manual, but if you have lost it or would like a digital copy please reach out to our service team. Call us on 1300 88 99 51 or email

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