FAQ and Troubleshooting

Note: this information is a guide only and you should always refer to the owners manual included with your machine when operating.

Need a service for your vacuum packer? We have an extensive network of our own and third party technicians who are qualified to service Viking branded vacuum packers. Get your model number ready and call our service department to book in a service today.

Call: 1300 88 9951 Email: service@vikingfoodsolutions.com.au

How to change the lid seal in my vacuum packer?

You can find the lid seal you need for your machine in the spare parts section.

How do I service a free-standing vacuum packer?

What brands of vacuum packers do you service?

  • Viking models: all parts stocked

  • Henkelman models: most parts stocked

  • All other models: basic parts and technical advice only

Browse all common vacuum packer spare parts here.

Is my machine in warranty?

Our standard warranty time on new vacuum packers is 12 months. For reconditioned or second hand vacuum packers our warranty period is 3 months. Standard Warranty period may vary based on an agreement at purchase.

Do you have a risk assessment document?

Risk assement documents for Viking branded machinery is supplied on a need basis. Contact us for these documents. Call 1300 88 99 51 or email service@vikingfoodsolutions.com.au

How do I change the vacuum time on my vacuum packer?

Refer to our programming guide.

How often should I change the oil in my Vacuum Packer?

For a Bench Top model - Every 8-10 months for normal use. For a Free Standing or Swing Lid model - Every 6-8 months for normal use.

When should I replace the oil filter?

Whenever you change the oil.

When should I replace the seal tape?

Every 4-6 months for normal use, otherwise if dark burnt lines are showing through.

What are the things I should watch each day?

You must make sure the area where the lid seal makes contact with the frame is cleaned every day.

Is there anything I can do to keep my Vacuum Pump in top condition?

Yes, the Viking Vacuum Packers have a pre-programmed conditioning cycle which you should run once a week.

Should I cover my Vacuum Packer when I am not using it?

This is not recommended as it does not allow for moisture to evaporate, however it is suggested that you store it in a dry place when not in use.

I have air in my bags when I check the next day, why is this?

There is only 3 things this could be caused by; 1. The air was never removed fully 2. The seal has broken 3. There is a hole in the bag The simple way to check this is to place the whole bag into a bucket of water and then see if any bubbles rise to the surface when you squeeze the bag, then you will be able to find the fault.

I am not near your workshop and have a friend who can service my machine, where do I get parts from?

You can get the parts needed from Viking Food Solutions, and furthermore we are more than willing to offer you free over-the-phone support.

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